” ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ is an eccentric and quite incomplete proverb. It assumes that beauty may only be attained through the eye. Yet, what of the nose and mouth for the chef? What of the ears and voice for the singer? Beauty is in all things, and only he who […]

  “And what has helped you all these years? After everything that’s happened?” She smiled significantly, “There isn’t a doubt in my mind when I say that it was and remains l’ Opéra Cosmetics.” The reporters and journalists roared into action, begging for her attention, yelling their questions as the cameras flashed and filmed, as […]

A Biomimetic Peeling Peptide is a rejuvenating liposomal preparation which activates skin cell regeneration. Skin tone appears brighter, smoother and more even and fine lines and pigmentation are reduced. The skin rejuvenates and looks younger. – Prevents the effects of premature ageing and balance the hormones in menopausal women – Anti-inflammatory and skin lightning properties […]

L’Opéra Cosmetics – Winter Blues… Have you noticed your skin seems dry and lifeless recently? During winter, our skin tends to need more hydration than normal. The wind, along with varying temperatures in our homes and inside our cars can wreak havoc on our skin. Dry skin makes fine lines and wrinkles more prevalent. So […]

– Reduce the appearance of age spots, and wrinkles – Anti microbial activity towards acne – Immediate and persistent calming properties – Protects against sun radiations – Prevents the appearance of freckles

– Gives a safe and effective broad sprectrum UV protection. – Vitamin E has an antioxidant action and skin moisturising property. It helps skin glow and tones the tissue. – Harmoniser of Cutaneous Hydrous Flows has a moisturising and restructuring action. Optimizes water reserves by increasing the epidermal water content and the dermal water reservoirs. […]

L’Opéra Cosmetics is proud to introduce a stylish metallized pink compact foundation that contains a sponge inside the lower compartment and a mirror upon opening the container. Selected colors are available at http://www.Pegafly.com