NEW 2013 Sérum Blanchissante

A Biomimetic Peeling Peptide is a rejuvenating liposomal preparation which activates skin cell regeneration. Skin tone appears brighter, smoother and more even and fine lines and pigmentation are reduced. The skin rejuvenates and looks younger.

– Prevents the effects of premature ageing and balance the hormones in menopausal women
– Anti-inflammatory and skin lightning properties
– Minimizes livers spots and can reduce the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure
– Protects against oxidative stress and stimulates the natural defense system against free radicals

New 2013 Sérum Blanchissante uses Resveratrol and Swiss Garden Cress Sprouts which are filled with beneficial antioxidant.


  1. Hi there,
    How can I order this Serum & how much is it?

    1. under shopping station and look for the serum to purchase

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