” ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ is an eccentric and quite incomplete proverb. It assumes that beauty may only be attained through the eye. Yet, what of the nose and mouth for the chef? What of the ears and voice for the singer? Beauty is in all things, and only he who dares uses all his senses to achieve a greater beautification of the world.”

This was a statement her choir teacher always came back to, and while her initial reaction was confusion, it didn’t take much of her to see the truth in it. . .

“My darling, your skin is not a rock as it is a gem, it is not a weight it is a story, it is not a burden it is a gift. You have suffered more in your young years than the average woman in a lifetime. Do not blame your sufferings for their lack of contentment rather, appraise them for the teachings they have brought you. Nonetheless, do not let them be your masters, do not let yourself be enslaved. While sufferings are good, they are most powerful when kept a secret. Do not keep yourself in a constant weep, but rather take advantage that the grass now seems greener and the rain tastes much sweeter. You are not defined by your woes. The past is the past, and your future is whatever you will it to be. Will you trap yourself in the past or will you meet your future with determination?” Her teacher was the type to say what she thought no matter people’s reaction. “If I had to care about every single person in the room’s feelings, I would never be able to talk”, she’d say.

“How do I hide my sufferings when it is the first thing people see? How am I not defined by them if my mirror only shows me my past?” She yearned.

“Cover it up. Let the real you come out. Do not label yourself as the girl who went through such a life.”

“Isn’t that controversial? Wouldn’t covering it up be the contrary of being real?”

“You aren’t covering up who you are, only what you have been through which is no one’s business but your own. When you walk in a room, the first thing people see is the face, whether we like it or not. Covering up and adding on isn’t a matter of destroying one’s self but a desire to highlight what we enjoy about ourselves while diminishing what we don’t care for.”

“I don’t want to be fake by wearing make-up” she mumbled

“My darling, not all cosmetic represent deceit. For example, l Opéra Cosmetics. For them, it isn’t a matter of covering up oneself, it is a matter of showing off either what is or what once was. From their exfoliating treatment to their cleansing milk, from their lotion toner to their stretch mark cream, they offer a variety of products that are useful from head to toe. It is for all ages yet only one age, it is for all tones yet only one tone. Rarely are there as ruthless, as elegant, as daring or as stylish cosmetics as l’Opéra Cosmetics offers. Mark my words, it will be today’s tomorrow.”

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